Thursday, October 2, 2008

Filling in the early days


This post is to fill in things that happened in my first week or so, it is by no means comprihensive and may repeat some stuff from my first post... I make no apologies from that :P

Day One September 1st

Arrived at Heathrow about 2pm, caught the tube for £ 4 and then a bus for £2 to get to the hostel, I’m rather proud of that usually I get shafted price wise on getting to the hostel. I did find out that I did not need to catch the bus to the hotel, it was only 500 meters from the bus stop but we live and learn. The bus had a space for luggage but the driver was a mad man and at one stage my big suitcase when for a skid downt the middle of a buss when he hit the anchors ... a little too sharply.

After dropping my stuff off I went to the local mall and Tescos a supermarket. It was fairly cheap, I picked up carrots, yogurt, rice, weetbix, milk and muesli bars for about £9. I also didnt call Mum or Kyle.. sorry about that, I plain forgot!

I came back and had a shower; it felt amazing after two flights and a long sweaty ride to the hostel.

I had soup for dinner, and a discussion with a girl in my hostel room whom I have dubbed her HRH as she seems to have a very strange version of hostel living. She seems to think you should wait until everyone in your room is awake until you make ANY noise, you also should not get up in the night for the toilet and the worst thing of all, unzip your suitcase early in the morning. I got a 20 minute lecture on hostel ettitque from her... unbelievable!

The only problem with this is first IT’S A FREAKING HOSTEL, if you want peace and quiet, go to a hotel, and secondly this girl is asleep at 9pm every night and doesn’t get up until 8am so according to her rules the room has to be silent for 11 hours a day…. That’s not going to happen princess! She also announced this morning that everyone had to leave the room so she could have a shower….

Day Two September 2nd

Started out very early as I woke up at 4am and couldn’t sleep, shower at 6am (that didnt please HRH) and breakfast at 7:15am the people were still asleep in my room at 8am so I headed out with a list of five things to get done. Buy an Oyster card, a discount card for transport. A hair dryer and flat iron for job interviews, I got these from Boots the Chemist. Then I walked about 4km to get my work pants hemmed and dry cleaned that cost me a cringe worthy £33! I needed to open a bank account and found out I can’t do until I have a job, apparently bank accounts are very hard to open in the UK, and so I couldn’t get that done. The last one was to buy a phone; I couldn’t get a contract because of no bank account so I brought the cheapest prepaid I could until I can get a job and then a bank account… its always a little difficult to get set up the first time you move somewhere so I wasn’t surprised.

I found a centre for visitors which was very helpful, I will make a lot of use of it I think, as I can’t find a yellow pages ANYWHERE!!!! I stopped off at Tescos on the way back for some a frozen dinner and some canned peaches.

When I got back to my hostel I went online to finish my CV as I couldn’t get a bank account and wanted the day to be productive. My first priority now is to find a place to live!!!! I walked past three temp agencies today and now plan on finishing my CV and printing it off. I will drop them in to the offices on Thursday morning. Tomorrow at 5pm my pants will be ready.

Day Three September 3rd

Started the day out by sleeping in until 7am, after a breakfast which is very good from the hostel (its enough to keep me going until 3pm) I called Mum and then Kyle it was so good to hear their voices. Cherer called me as soon as I got my phone and texted her, that was the highlight of the day I think! I posted on gum tree and spent the entire day trying to find a place to live. In the afternoon I arranged to visit two places: one flat in East Acton and the other in by Elephant & Castle. The first one was just too expensive at £522 a month and the other was perfect, garden, small but acceptable room and close to town. But the room was occupied by a smoker and it smelt revolting. No way I could have got the smell out of that room and tolerated it.

So that was a bust, I foolishly wore high heels and by the time I had found the first house my feel were on fire. I ended up taking my shoes off in the train station. I emailed Cherer that evening and asked for the new email address so I could upload my CV with the correct email addresses.

Forgot to have dinner so I had a mars bar at 10pm and read for an hour. My feet and lower abs freaking hurt so badly from all the walking around, my calves will never forgive me.

Tomorrow I have one more house to visit, and have to pick up my pants from the dry cleaner.

Day Four September 4th

Found the dry cleaner and Kyle located a place to print off the CV, what was beside it... A DRY CLEANERS ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Another day of walking walking walking, my toes are covered in blisters!

Day Seven Sunday September 7th

I moved into to the flat today, my new address is ( REMOVED haha your still not getting it)
I made two trips to ASDA; this is the UK’s version of Wal-Mart. On the first trip I brought a bathrobe (for privacy when sharing a bathroom with 4 people), a mattress cover, the landlords said they would provide one but a brand new out of the box one was more my style. I also got a duvet some food, a yogurt for lunch and a frozen meal, Lancaster Hotpot. Then a duvet set cover with two pillow cases and because for some incredibly strange reason, a poo brown fitted sheet because they only had a double fitted sheet in light poo brown and dark poo brown…and then only one of each. I’m going to be on the look out for a white fitted sheet in the future. After I dumped the stuff, I had some lunch and then S (the girl who owns the house) explained that in the UK a shop can only be open for 6 hours on a Sunday so I had better move my arse if I wanted to make a second visit.

On the second visit, I ask for some help, the employees eyes were so glazed over I thought she was made from stone! The store was CRAZY busy; I believe school starts tomorrow so of course everyone leave it till the last second for supplies….

I brought pillows. A lamp (then got the wrong bulbs dumb arse that I am!), coat hangers as my landlords oh so kindly removed all of the ones that were in the wardrobe in my room yesterday. There is still a basket and some crap in the corner of my room, that will be removed by me tomorrow…. Sorry didn’t know where you wanted your crap, not in my room anyway. When I got back I met my room mates, both so very hot and did I mention breathtakingly hot! (Um Kyle I mean room mates... what room mates!)

One is a friendly Northerner from just outside Leeds, called Tristen. He is down here working as an events coordinator. The second is Philippe from Brazil and my god is he gorgeous! And doesn’t he just know it….

I wanted to get my sheets washed, so I could sleep in my bed tonight and the landlord Yet had left his stuff in the machine, no basket or anything so I improvised and dumped in a basket with two pair of track pants in them. Philippe’s eyes just about popped out of his head. Hey I’m not itching all night and getting a starch rash because you cant be bothered to leave a basket for your wet clothes.

Just incase your wondering, I will post about Paris either tomorrow or this weekend!!!

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