Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Demented Seal

I have officially lost my voice Oh I know you all most likely thing that's great, finally some peace and quiet! Well I would say something very rude back, but I can't right now my throat hurts. But rest assured I'm thinking it!

It took about 6 hours to get the Mustangs winter tires on, get the registration papers and change over the number plates and insurance and jump start the battery into life.
Yes I did help, I wheeled and lifted tires around, 3 of them to be exact. Ruined a pair of white gloves (I couldn't find the other ones) operated the car jack and brushed foot thick snow off the entire car. That's not a foot of snow total, that's how thick the snow was covering the ENTIRE car.

At least we have a heater that works and a radio that works and a car that works 90% of the time.
Once the immigration gods bless Kyle and myself with an application acknowledgment (I don't mean they say yes or no I mean we have to wait 3-4 months for them to say "yes we received your application now live on tender hooks for up to 18 months" I can get a work permit and then a job and with a job I can get a car payment!!!! Which means a CAR!!! One with shiny red paint and a name like Gertie and a radio and a heater (and AC for summer) and most of all an engine that doesn't decide it wont work today but might tomorrow if you talk to it nicely.

Now for your enjoyment two random photos

Janice Webb and myself at my last Singing lesson.
I was VERY lucky to be taught by her. Ironic me
Posting this today... when Ive lost my voice.

Kyle's family over for Roast Chicken dinner in 2008.
From left to right Pete (K's Dad),
Ingrid (K's Paternal GMother)

Pam (K's Mother), Mary Lou (K's Maternal GMother)
Kyle and Vagn (K's Paternal GFather)

Lord knows what's on that TV in the background! Your guess is as good as mine!

Happy New Year every one!

P.S. Your more than welcome to comment you know, sometimes I feel as if I'm talking to myself. I'm not asking for a novel of dickens proportions in return, just a line or so to let myself know I'm not crazy!

Monday, December 29, 2008

One of those days

Some days your the statue and some days your the pigeon. Today, I am the statue.

Kyle and I have two cars, a red mustang and a red explorer.

Okay let me rephrase that, Kyle and I have a red mustang.

Today is the first day since Christmas Day that I have left the house, I tried to go out yesterday made it about 4 minutes and told Kyle to turn around it was too much for me. I hardly slept last night because of my cough, but was feeling well enough this morning to try again.
Kyle has wanted some slippers and we needed to get some basics like loo paper so we trotted off to Wal-mart to attain these items. Before we left however we both discovered that our phones were out of commission, Kyles due to dead battery, mine due to the fact its AWOL. This comes into play later.

The explorer that we HAD, decided to die today, on a road called Notre Dame which is about 20 minutes drive from our house. That's 1.

We walked to BCAA (the car place not the drunks meeting) and the first question she asked was "is your car broken down?". That's 2

We decide to call Kyle's mother to come and pick us up at the blockbuster on the way, then walked back to the car. On the way back to the car it started snowing and it got heavier and heavier. That's 3
When Pam arrived we started calling tow trucks, a 3 hour wait or a 5 hour wait.... Thats 4

And the grande finale... so far. When we get home I decide to at least accomplish something today and decide to call the NZ department of Internal Affairs to order my BC and Change of Name for the upcoming immigration dealy. THEY ARE CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!
A secular govenment department in a mostly secular country is closed for the entire Christmas/New Year break. WINZ isnt closed, IRD isnt closed, so the NZ Government can dish out money or taketh away money but need a document to prove who you are.... your flat out of luck.
And that ladies and gentleman is Number 5.

Well on the brightside I can breath through my nose again and the toaster oven I got Kyle for Christmas works a treat.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have a cold

I have a cold, in the process of losing my voice right now. I sound like a demented seal.

It could be worse, its still -9 outside so its fitting to be sick watching TV under a blanket whilst laying on the couch. That's what I would most likely be doing anyway so apart from a raw noses nothing much has changed.

Have you ever had a cold in summer.... its hot, you want to be outside and you have a cold. A cold is something you should ONLY have when its cold.

I just sneezed lovely. Anyway I will be back when Im feeling better

Have a Happy New Year!

EDIT: Im not watching TV under the blanket, the blanket and the TV are at least 3 meters apart. The blanket is on ME while my head.. well my eyes watch the TV.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My favourite things

I love puzzles, they are awesome. Lets face it your either a Sudoku person or you not. I personally choose to not do math in my free time, I have never done math voluntarily. Maybe its because I'm a visual person but I LOVE doing a puzzle. Its still a challenge for the brain, its fun and you can piece a puzzle together with another person. There is no downside to a puzzle!

I love the beach, I know that sounds strange coming from someone who is absolutely and irrationally phobic of water but I grew up on a Pacific Island, its impossible for me not to have SOME affinity with water. One of the things I hear in Kamloops that I NEVER thought I would hear is people talking about swimming in the ocean for the first time....I love the feel of the sand as you walk on it with barefeet, I love the salty smell of the water, I love the people being with their friends and family and being out in the Sun. Even better when you have an ice cream or fish and chips to share as well. How could you possibly have a bad day were you looking at this....

Brownsbay Beach (Auckland NZ)during Christmas 2007

I love reading to, unlike watching TV I have to use my imagination, and create a world for the characters t
o live in. I feel like I've done something good for myself. Someone once told me that reading was food for the soul and truly believe that. I hope you all get a book for this years Chrismahanukwanzakahmas, it is the best gift you could ever recieve. If your donating to charity this year, along with much needed food give books. I love Sunday drives, packing lunch and a thermos and driving for an hour or two in the car. Sunday drives are just awesome. Growing up I remember taking many late afternoon/early evening drives with Mandy, Brandon and my Mum and Brother. We would go to a beach, get fish and chips and it was a great time.

But you know what I like best, Parties. They don't have to be big or flashy and they don't even have to cost a lot of money. I went to a dinner party last night, just two other couples and the hosts but it was so much fun! We played a game (apples to apples) and had Mexican food.
I have never been the type to enjoy being out all day, I get plain worn out after a few hours, but a few hours shared over dinner can be the best time in the world.

OK and I love puppies, those are my favorite thi
ngs !

But who doesnt love an energetic, loving puppy.

There are so many wonderful things we have in the world, during the end of year holidays is the perfect time to reflect on your blessings of the year past and look forward to those to come.

Next year I will hopefully be able to call a place "Home" for the first time in 4 years. I will be living in an exciting city (Vancouver) and both Kyle and I will be embarking on new careers.
Oh and we might just be getting a puppy!
Next Christmas I will hopefully get to meet my new and only Niece, and I will get to catch up with people I havent seen in two years.

My next year is full of hope and that makes me smile. I hope your 2009 is going to be one of the best years will have, make sure you enter it with the right attitude. There is enough bad stuff going on in the world without more negativity being put out there.

Do you have a warm safe place to sleep at night?
Do you have family and friends who love you?
Do you have safe drinking water and enough food to sustain you?
If you can answer yes to all three then count your blessings, those three things alone make you one of the most blessed people on this earth.

Next year I have goals set to be more healthy, more content and less materialistic. My biggest goal is to be supportive of myself, I wont use negative self talk (you all know I talk to myself just like my crazy grandfather did), I wont be mad at myself if I slip up. I wont compare myself to someone skinnier or prettier or richer than me. As selfish as it might sound, 2009 is the year for CJ to treat CJ well. I'm going to be kind to myself and to my loved ones.

That's my New Years resolution, nothing punishing, nothing negative. I have never understood these goals that seem like punishment for past behavior. Giving up smoking or drinking or meat, losing weight, making more money.... sheesh what a boring 2009 even the wording is all wrong. Call me a hedonist but if I'm going to loose weight its going to be because I am happy enough to have an active lifestyle and eat well not because I'm going to eat lettuce and seeds.

Giving up, loosing, stopping (insert vice here). No wonder no one ever sticks to NYR's. I don't want to come off as preachy but it's frustrating hearing your loved ones beating themselves up because of their perceived failings. In 2009 be kind to yourself. Remember less anger more smile.

Now if you will kindly excuse me, I'm off to do a puzzle.


Friday, December 19, 2008

6..5...6 Days until Christmas!

Its strange living in Canada sometimes, especially at Christmas. My family is in NZ so my NZ Christmas day occurs on the 24th here, which in itself is strange because Kyle's family opens half of their presents on the 24th, which is really the 25th in NZ. Still with me?

Kyle and I have "our" Christmas eve on the 23rd in Canada which is really the 24th in NZ because on the 24th in Canada is my Christmas day in NZ but Kyle's family has a celebration on Christmas eve which is really Christmas day for the NZ half off me. Still keeping up?

So in essence by the time Christmas day rolls around in Canada I'm pretty over the whole Christmas day thing because its almost 72 hours long for me at that stage. The best part is my family in NZ always treated boxing day as an extension to Christmas day (much like Kyle's family treats Christmas eve as an extension of Christmas day. How confused are you right now?

On another note I seem to have excema on the back of my hands despite me constantly dosing them in moisturizer! Any ideas, I was told that acidophiles (or something) yogurt is good for excema but I dont really want to dunk my hands in yogurt if I can help it.

We went to a Christmas party last night... here are some pictures.
Oh yeah I dyed my hair black now, I think it looks really good... although many people have reacted with something like "oh wow your hair.... its not blond anymore....um... its different"

Its OK if you don't like it people. I do, Kyle likes it (at least that's what he says). Anyway pictures.

Kyle and I at the Christmas Party last night,
if you wondering why we always seem to have photos
of just our faces when you cant see the back ground
well... its a long story. It all started in Pihia NZ on a
dolphin watching trip, when we got back to the hotel
and looked at our photos they were ALL just of us close up
you couldnt even see what we were doing at the time.
A tradition was born, Kyle and I can tell where we were at
the time, Paris, London, Auckland, Vancouver but you cant.
Does it have a point, no. Do we find it hilarious, yes yes we do

Matt and Stephanie were there to, freshly back from Costa Rica (either there or Porta Rico)

PS. Auto save is a wonderful thing, I just about had a heart attack. I accidentally closed the window and had a NOOOOOOOOO00000000ooooooooooooo stomach dropping I need to reverse time 10 seconds moment. I'm sure it was invented by a Uni student after losing a 14 page essay, 30 minutes before its due.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One week until Christmas

I am a Christmas freak, I'm sure most of you know that. Growing up we couldn't put the tree up before December 13th because that's my (MUCH older) brothers birthday and fair enough to. I know 6 people born in December, that's more than any other month... so what is it about March eh? Is there not much else to do in March? You all know what I'm alluding to! Back to my point, Christmas is awesome, trees, presents, celebration of Jesus being born, the delicious once a year food and all that.

But what is MORE awesome than Christmas

Is it
Festivus?... nope, close but no cookie

What could be more awesome than Festivus and Christmas put together....

Chrismahanukwanzakah!!!! (that pronounced chris-ma-han-u-kwan-za-kah)

Now stuff that in your pipe and smoke it "happy holidays is a cop out" people.

So this holiday season, be inclusive, wish people a
Chrismahanukwanzakah and watch the fear and confusion come in their eyes! Oh and here is a picture of our Chrismahanukwanzakah tree and presents. We are working on including a Festivus pole for next year.

Heres some of the Christmas cards I got this year to, I bet I got more than you :P

p.s. Im still trying to figure out the whole sideshow thing for the photos of Paris and London, should be do
ne before Christma..... op almost messed up there, they should be done before Chrismahanukwanzakah but no promises.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its only... only -14 today but it has been snowing again, I'm praying for a white Christmas!

Here is the snow from the weekend, Saturday I believe on our balconey. It was about 3-4 inches.

Its now Tuesday morning and I took this photo about 5 minutes ago, as you can see the snow is a little thicker now!

I hope every one else is having a good Holiday Season!

Oh yeah that's the factory that interrupts our awesome view from the apartment balcony, we have a 180 of downtown and two mountain ranges if you look past the factory.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow!

Its -19 today, it was -13 yesterday so I thought I would show you what that looks like.

This is looking out one of the Valleys in Kamloops

This is driving down our street towards the City Centre

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Long time no see!

Well I am now back in Canada as I assume most of you now know.
I'm not going to go into detail, suffice to say my timing was probably the worst in history.
I had the unbelievable ability to decide to live in one of the worlds most expensive cities JUST as the economy worldwide started tanking.

Well done CJ!

I have many pictures to post, I will do so in the following days. They should be of Paris, London and Halloween.

Right now Kyle and I are trying to get me to stay in Canada, we are in the process of applying for it right now. Wish us luck, the government is pretty strict on that sort of thing. Despite what everyone hears it is NOT a walk in the park, it is NOT cheap and it is NOT something a blind monkey could do.

Until then I am not allowed to work legally (and no I wont be working ILLEGALLY) before anyone suggests it AGAIN, seriously people! I am not going to take any chance to let the government say get out of here for a few measly bucks! It gives me no excuse not to update at least twice a week though right!

Now that was a double negative braincell killer for you grammar Nazi's!

Here is a teaser of the photos to come..