Friday, December 19, 2008

6..5...6 Days until Christmas!


Its strange living in Canada sometimes, especially at Christmas. My family is in NZ so my NZ Christmas day occurs on the 24th here, which in itself is strange because Kyle's family opens half of their presents on the 24th, which is really the 25th in NZ. Still with me?

Kyle and I have "our" Christmas eve on the 23rd in Canada which is really the 24th in NZ because on the 24th in Canada is my Christmas day in NZ but Kyle's family has a celebration on Christmas eve which is really Christmas day for the NZ half off me. Still keeping up?

So in essence by the time Christmas day rolls around in Canada I'm pretty over the whole Christmas day thing because its almost 72 hours long for me at that stage. The best part is my family in NZ always treated boxing day as an extension to Christmas day (much like Kyle's family treats Christmas eve as an extension of Christmas day. How confused are you right now?

On another note I seem to have excema on the back of my hands despite me constantly dosing them in moisturizer! Any ideas, I was told that acidophiles (or something) yogurt is good for excema but I dont really want to dunk my hands in yogurt if I can help it.

We went to a Christmas party last night... here are some pictures.
Oh yeah I dyed my hair black now, I think it looks really good... although many people have reacted with something like "oh wow your hair.... its not blond its different"

Its OK if you don't like it people. I do, Kyle likes it (at least that's what he says). Anyway pictures.

Kyle and I at the Christmas Party last night,
if you wondering why we always seem to have photos
of just our faces when you cant see the back ground
well... its a long story. It all started in Pihia NZ on a
dolphin watching trip, when we got back to the hotel
and looked at our photos they were ALL just of us close up
you couldnt even see what we were doing at the time.
A tradition was born, Kyle and I can tell where we were at
the time, Paris, London, Auckland, Vancouver but you cant.
Does it have a point, no. Do we find it hilarious, yes yes we do

Matt and Stephanie were there to, freshly back from Costa Rica (either there or Porta Rico)

PS. Auto save is a wonderful thing, I just about had a heart attack. I accidentally closed the window and had a NOOOOOOOOO00000000ooooooooooooo stomach dropping I need to reverse time 10 seconds moment. I'm sure it was invented by a Uni student after losing a 14 page essay, 30 minutes before its due.

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