Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have a cold


I have a cold, in the process of losing my voice right now. I sound like a demented seal.

It could be worse, its still -9 outside so its fitting to be sick watching TV under a blanket whilst laying on the couch. That's what I would most likely be doing anyway so apart from a raw noses nothing much has changed.

Have you ever had a cold in summer.... its hot, you want to be outside and you have a cold. A cold is something you should ONLY have when its cold.

I just sneezed lovely. Anyway I will be back when Im feeling better

Have a Happy New Year!

EDIT: Im not watching TV under the blanket, the blanket and the TV are at least 3 meters apart. The blanket is on ME while my head.. well my eyes watch the TV.

1 comment:

heather said...

hi chanelle! thanx 4 all ur really cool messages! hope ur cold goes away soon! i luv that pussycat!xxxxxxxxx i luv calling ur mum a nana!bye a now canadian girl!