Monday, December 29, 2008

One of those days


Some days your the statue and some days your the pigeon. Today, I am the statue.

Kyle and I have two cars, a red mustang and a red explorer.

Okay let me rephrase that, Kyle and I have a red mustang.

Today is the first day since Christmas Day that I have left the house, I tried to go out yesterday made it about 4 minutes and told Kyle to turn around it was too much for me. I hardly slept last night because of my cough, but was feeling well enough this morning to try again.
Kyle has wanted some slippers and we needed to get some basics like loo paper so we trotted off to Wal-mart to attain these items. Before we left however we both discovered that our phones were out of commission, Kyles due to dead battery, mine due to the fact its AWOL. This comes into play later.

The explorer that we HAD, decided to die today, on a road called Notre Dame which is about 20 minutes drive from our house. That's 1.

We walked to BCAA (the car place not the drunks meeting) and the first question she asked was "is your car broken down?". That's 2

We decide to call Kyle's mother to come and pick us up at the blockbuster on the way, then walked back to the car. On the way back to the car it started snowing and it got heavier and heavier. That's 3
When Pam arrived we started calling tow trucks, a 3 hour wait or a 5 hour wait.... Thats 4

And the grande finale... so far. When we get home I decide to at least accomplish something today and decide to call the NZ department of Internal Affairs to order my BC and Change of Name for the upcoming immigration dealy. THEY ARE CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!
A secular govenment department in a mostly secular country is closed for the entire Christmas/New Year break. WINZ isnt closed, IRD isnt closed, so the NZ Government can dish out money or taketh away money but need a document to prove who you are.... your flat out of luck.
And that ladies and gentleman is Number 5.

Well on the brightside I can breath through my nose again and the toaster oven I got Kyle for Christmas works a treat.

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Trish said...

this would have been a very frustrating day I bet a few curse words were being said
Love the photos