Thursday, January 29, 2009

Im free!

Yesterday Kyle and I handed over our immigration folder to our lawyer.
I now have time to breath again

I also have my own freaking biography written now!

Our time line is this,

In march we send off for an application to extend my visitors permit

April we send everything off in April (the lawyers are now doing their thing, police checks, photos and filling out the official forms and such)

12-16 weeks after the application is sent in, we get our "letter of acknowledgment"

Then we can apply for the work permit that takes 6 weeks

6-18 months from the FIRST application we should have an answer about the application.

then I should be free and clear!!!!!

Kyle and I are planning on coming home for Christmas. My Lawyer told me he is advising against it but I'm seeing my niece this Christmas come hell or high water!

Well that and I desperately need a good Christmas party and a good coffee!

By the time we leave at Christmas I should have my acknowledgment letter AND my work permit to help me get back into the country.

Only 324 days until I should be back in the NZ!

Expect a whopping party when I get back people!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The most over used word in the English Language

Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin ridiculosus (from ridiculum jest, from neuter of ridiculus) or ridiculus, literally, laughable, from ridēre to laugh
Date: 1550
: arousing or deserving ridicule : absurd , preposterous
synonyms see laughable
— ri•dic•u•lous•ly adverb
— ri•dic•u•lous•ness noun

Do you know how many times in my life I have heard this word!

Customer: That price is ridiculous
Me: So you don't want it then?
Customer: Oh no, I still want it, but that price is ridiculous
Me: .....

Me: I have to get X for immigration
Mum: That is ridiculous
Me: I know
Mum:Just ridiculous

Kyle: Did you see that on TV, that is ridiculous
Me: ??
Kyle: It was unbelievable, just ridiculous!

Why oh why must people use that word. I HATE that word !

HAHA Kyle just said my post was ridiculous... I strangled him... he is quiet now in a chocked sort of way.

I beg of you people, STOP using that word.
I must have heard the word ridiculous more times than any other word in existence, extend your vocabulary and please, I beg of you STOP telling me that something is ridiculous.

If it IS ridiculous then, I most likely already know that it is in fact ridiculous!
I do not need to be reminded
I hate to be reminded
I dont like the word
I HATE the word
Please stop saying the word!

No more ridiculous in my life. The word is banned!

Brittney Spears is ridiculous
Brooke Hogan being a pop star is ridiculous
Paris Hilton being called talented is ridiculous

This picture is ridiculous!

Anything to do with me, my life or those in the life around me is Not ridiculous!
Stop using the freaking word!

Im so sick of everything ridiculous!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vancouver here we come

Kyle let his bosses know a few days ago that we will be moving to Vancouver in the next month or two.

I am swinging between happy beyond belief and terrified.
As you all know we are only on one income right now so money is tight but I have wanted to live in Vancouver for years.

And while Kyle is searching for a new job, the bills don't stop coming either...but in life you just gonna go and leap off the cliff right, or nothing gets done.

It will mean however that as soon as our acknowledgment on the permanent residency is through I can get a job permit and get a job. The job choices in Vancouver versus Kamloops is... how can I say worlds apart.

You know whats strange, my spell check keeps telling me that Kamloops is really Sloops/Bloops/Loops or Kalamazoo. Perhaps it knows something I don't?

We are looking at living in the Burnaby/ Langley area which it technically in the GVR (Greater Vancouver Region) much as the North Shore City is in the Auckland Region rather than Auckland city. We want to say "out of the city" because we would prefer a larger section for a vege garden and some dogs. We plan on gutting the house anyway an redoing it so we dont need anything fancy as far as that goes. What Im really excited about it is the possiblity of a polytunnel which looks like this. My one would be smaller though, half that size at the most.

Now why would I like a poly tunnel? Well they are much cheaper than a glasshouse and they would allow me to grow strawberries and that sort of thing in a climate that isnt so strawberry growing friendly. I think I have been spoiled rotten growing up in Auckland I never thought about fruit and vege being imported but here in Canada the growing season is so short that very little can be grown here. I can also have my fruit and vege without nasty sprays but also free from bugs because they cant get in.

Another good thing about Vancouver (there are far to many to list) is public transportation, they have a fantastic transport system, they are just finishing up the second skytrain (monorail) line that will run from the airport to downtown. I will be able to get around easily and safely without a car which is ideal.

I hope everyones new year is going well.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Once a month cooking

So Kyle and I are trying to be more healthy with our eating and the first step with that, as with anything in my opinion is organisation. So today, we cooked up a storm for lunches.

During the working week I usually try to fit in a workout, do laundry stuff like that during the day. I'm going to ring around a few registered charities after the 5th because I'm not legally allowed to work right now, so I'm going to volunteer at a couple of places. Ive been told by the Lawyer to clear the places first but if they are a registered charity or church group AND not in my field of work they should be pretty safe.

Before the new year I would usually spend the majority of my day cooking dinner, trying to unpack or sort through the mountains of paperwork needed for immagrating. So Im busy and hes busy.

Wow can I get off topic...

Anyway during the working week, Kyle comes home for lunch most days and this is the time we usually get fastfood or junk to eat. So we decided to cook a month worth of lunches and freeze them. Heres some of what we made today

We have two more dishes that are not in the photo but heres what we made

10 servings of Greek Pork, Lemon Roasted Potatos and veges
10 servings of Cottage Pie with Cheesy Potato topping
6 servings of Chinese Beef with Egg noodles (and 2 servings for dinner)
4 servings of Steak and Cheese Pie (with one more pies worth of of filling made)
6 servings of Chicken stew with Bread rolls (ok so we didnt make the bread rolls)
6 servings of Lasanga

needless to say we are both a little tired right now, but we dont have to cook lunches for the next MONTH

It took us just under 5 hours but in that time we did have Lunch, Dinner and a break of about 15 minutes. It would have been less time but we didnt plan who got to use the oven and stop top very well so we had a traffic jam for about 30 minutes. The kitchen isnt wrecked either we washed stuff as we went so we only have 2 loads for the dishwasher and most of that is the casserole dishes we cooked everything in.

1. We learnt a few things though, chop ALL of the onions, garlic and whatever in one go because washing chopping boards is a pain in the chops.

2. Schedule what needs to cook when and how, we had a "friendly" debate over what was more important to be boiled, egg noodles or potatos. The potatos won by the way.

3. Make sure your freezer is cleaned out for the containers BEFORE you start.

We usually spend between $10-$15 when we get fast food and usually get it twice a week so were estimating savings of $40-80 a month from this. The Chinese noodles were amazing (Kyle cooked them).

While we are the topic of food, I got Kyle a toaster oven for Christmas and holy potatos batman are they awesome or WHAT!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First workout of the year and holy crap I'm slashed!!!

200 calories in 17 minutes and I still have a cold!!

I'm trying to loose 40 lbs or 18 kilos by the time I get home for Christmas next year

That way I can stuff myself on all the goodies NZ has that I miss so much.

That and I want to wear a bikini when Rochelle, Christopher and I go to the Waiwera Hot pools next Christmas.

I'm starting out with 20 minutes or 200 calories a day on the elliptical or yoga or walking. Something to get my fat arse moving and off the couch.

Then chopping 200 calories a day off my food that's just one snack less a day so it wont be to painful. Lets see how this goes

Hopefully I will look more like lefty and less like righty haha!

Happy New Year everyone, be good to yourself in 2009