Thursday, January 1, 2009


First workout of the year and holy crap I'm slashed!!!

200 calories in 17 minutes and I still have a cold!!

I'm trying to loose 40 lbs or 18 kilos by the time I get home for Christmas next year

That way I can stuff myself on all the goodies NZ has that I miss so much.

That and I want to wear a bikini when Rochelle, Christopher and I go to the Waiwera Hot pools next Christmas.

I'm starting out with 20 minutes or 200 calories a day on the elliptical or yoga or walking. Something to get my fat arse moving and off the couch.

Then chopping 200 calories a day off my food that's just one snack less a day so it wont be to painful. Lets see how this goes

Hopefully I will look more like lefty and less like righty haha!

Happy New Year everyone, be good to yourself in 2009

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