Thursday, January 29, 2009

Im free!


Yesterday Kyle and I handed over our immigration folder to our lawyer.
I now have time to breath again

I also have my own freaking biography written now!

Our time line is this,

In march we send off for an application to extend my visitors permit

April we send everything off in April (the lawyers are now doing their thing, police checks, photos and filling out the official forms and such)

12-16 weeks after the application is sent in, we get our "letter of acknowledgment"

Then we can apply for the work permit that takes 6 weeks

6-18 months from the FIRST application we should have an answer about the application.

then I should be free and clear!!!!!

Kyle and I are planning on coming home for Christmas. My Lawyer told me he is advising against it but I'm seeing my niece this Christmas come hell or high water!

Well that and I desperately need a good Christmas party and a good coffee!

By the time we leave at Christmas I should have my acknowledgment letter AND my work permit to help me get back into the country.

Only 324 days until I should be back in the NZ!

Expect a whopping party when I get back people!


Kyle said...

So does that mean 324 days till we need to be on one of those evil flying machines again?

Chanelle said...

Yes it does, but this time its only ONE flight each way, no transit times and we are going to ask to be seated FAR AWAY from the loos!

Trish said...

love the count down clock....not so sure of the photo!!!!

Chanelle said...

What's wrong with the picture?!

Trish said...

I look like im wearing a very bad wig or having a very bad hairday!!!!

Chanelle said...

Bollocks, your hair looks shiny and healthy. You live in a parallel universe sometimes!

Trish said...

thanks my
Parallel universe reality is a self-contained separate reality coexisting with me on my own!!!!!

it must be the heat, lack of chocolate or did I say the heat???

Chanelle said...

well considering that photo was taken in winter.... no it wasn't the heat