Saturday, January 17, 2009

The most over used word in the English Language


Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin ridiculosus (from ridiculum jest, from neuter of ridiculus) or ridiculus, literally, laughable, from ridēre to laugh
Date: 1550
: arousing or deserving ridicule : absurd , preposterous
synonyms see laughable
— ri•dic•u•lous•ly adverb
— ri•dic•u•lous•ness noun

Do you know how many times in my life I have heard this word!

Customer: That price is ridiculous
Me: So you don't want it then?
Customer: Oh no, I still want it, but that price is ridiculous
Me: .....

Me: I have to get X for immigration
Mum: That is ridiculous
Me: I know
Mum:Just ridiculous

Kyle: Did you see that on TV, that is ridiculous
Me: ??
Kyle: It was unbelievable, just ridiculous!

Why oh why must people use that word. I HATE that word !

HAHA Kyle just said my post was ridiculous... I strangled him... he is quiet now in a chocked sort of way.

I beg of you people, STOP using that word.
I must have heard the word ridiculous more times than any other word in existence, extend your vocabulary and please, I beg of you STOP telling me that something is ridiculous.

If it IS ridiculous then, I most likely already know that it is in fact ridiculous!
I do not need to be reminded
I hate to be reminded
I dont like the word
I HATE the word
Please stop saying the word!

No more ridiculous in my life. The word is banned!

Brittney Spears is ridiculous
Brooke Hogan being a pop star is ridiculous
Paris Hilton being called talented is ridiculous

This picture is ridiculous!

Anything to do with me, my life or those in the life around me is Not ridiculous!
Stop using the freaking word!

Im so sick of everything ridiculous!