Saturday, January 3, 2009

Once a month cooking


So Kyle and I are trying to be more healthy with our eating and the first step with that, as with anything in my opinion is organisation. So today, we cooked up a storm for lunches.

During the working week I usually try to fit in a workout, do laundry stuff like that during the day. I'm going to ring around a few registered charities after the 5th because I'm not legally allowed to work right now, so I'm going to volunteer at a couple of places. Ive been told by the Lawyer to clear the places first but if they are a registered charity or church group AND not in my field of work they should be pretty safe.

Before the new year I would usually spend the majority of my day cooking dinner, trying to unpack or sort through the mountains of paperwork needed for immagrating. So Im busy and hes busy.

Wow can I get off topic...

Anyway during the working week, Kyle comes home for lunch most days and this is the time we usually get fastfood or junk to eat. So we decided to cook a month worth of lunches and freeze them. Heres some of what we made today

We have two more dishes that are not in the photo but heres what we made

10 servings of Greek Pork, Lemon Roasted Potatos and veges
10 servings of Cottage Pie with Cheesy Potato topping
6 servings of Chinese Beef with Egg noodles (and 2 servings for dinner)
4 servings of Steak and Cheese Pie (with one more pies worth of of filling made)
6 servings of Chicken stew with Bread rolls (ok so we didnt make the bread rolls)
6 servings of Lasanga

needless to say we are both a little tired right now, but we dont have to cook lunches for the next MONTH

It took us just under 5 hours but in that time we did have Lunch, Dinner and a break of about 15 minutes. It would have been less time but we didnt plan who got to use the oven and stop top very well so we had a traffic jam for about 30 minutes. The kitchen isnt wrecked either we washed stuff as we went so we only have 2 loads for the dishwasher and most of that is the casserole dishes we cooked everything in.

1. We learnt a few things though, chop ALL of the onions, garlic and whatever in one go because washing chopping boards is a pain in the chops.

2. Schedule what needs to cook when and how, we had a "friendly" debate over what was more important to be boiled, egg noodles or potatos. The potatos won by the way.

3. Make sure your freezer is cleaned out for the containers BEFORE you start.

We usually spend between $10-$15 when we get fast food and usually get it twice a week so were estimating savings of $40-80 a month from this. The Chinese noodles were amazing (Kyle cooked them).

While we are the topic of food, I got Kyle a toaster oven for Christmas and holy potatos batman are they awesome or WHAT!!!!!


Trish said...

I think you should conder writing a book, you are so organised and the tips are good to read

Trish said...

oops consider writing a book

heather said...

hi Chanelle!
wow a storm is right! I would buy those meals!
maybe u guys could sell them & create a new empire!