Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vancouver here we come


Kyle let his bosses know a few days ago that we will be moving to Vancouver in the next month or two.

I am swinging between happy beyond belief and terrified.
As you all know we are only on one income right now so money is tight but I have wanted to live in Vancouver for years.

And while Kyle is searching for a new job, the bills don't stop coming either...but in life you just gonna go and leap off the cliff right, or nothing gets done.

It will mean however that as soon as our acknowledgment on the permanent residency is through I can get a job permit and get a job. The job choices in Vancouver versus Kamloops is... how can I say worlds apart.

You know whats strange, my spell check keeps telling me that Kamloops is really Sloops/Bloops/Loops or Kalamazoo. Perhaps it knows something I don't?

We are looking at living in the Burnaby/ Langley area which it technically in the GVR (Greater Vancouver Region) much as the North Shore City is in the Auckland Region rather than Auckland city. We want to say "out of the city" because we would prefer a larger section for a vege garden and some dogs. We plan on gutting the house anyway an redoing it so we dont need anything fancy as far as that goes. What Im really excited about it is the possiblity of a polytunnel which looks like this. My one would be smaller though, half that size at the most.

Now why would I like a poly tunnel? Well they are much cheaper than a glasshouse and they would allow me to grow strawberries and that sort of thing in a climate that isnt so strawberry growing friendly. I think I have been spoiled rotten growing up in Auckland I never thought about fruit and vege being imported but here in Canada the growing season is so short that very little can be grown here. I can also have my fruit and vege without nasty sprays but also free from bugs because they cant get in.

Another good thing about Vancouver (there are far to many to list) is public transportation, they have a fantastic transport system, they are just finishing up the second skytrain (monorail) line that will run from the airport to downtown. I will be able to get around easily and safely without a car which is ideal.

I hope everyones new year is going well.


Kyle said...

Hopefully we'll be settled by late spring!

Trish said...

Your plans sound exciting, I love the idea of growing your own fruit and veges. You both have alot of vision its always good to read your blog.