Thursday, February 5, 2009



I just got an email from my Lawyer, saying the forms are done in draft form!
Hes going to start scanning and emailing them one by one for me to review and sign off.

We are waiting on the police checks to come back and a few other paperwork details .

Speaking of fingerprints did you know that if you type a lot, your fingerprints start to wear off!! Mine were very hard to get! The police officer ev
en told me I might have to stop typing for SIX WEEKS for the ridges to come back! Kyle said that was a brilliant way to not get fingerprints on anything if you were going to commit a crime to type madly for a few days and wear them off... then I pointed out that wearing gloves might just be a little more fail safe!

When they are close I have to go to Kelowna for a full medical, blood tests and whatever else (maybe I should get the doctor to examine my non-existent fingerprints) and we can
send off the forms Hooray! The longest point from that date until I can work is 22 weeks, the shortest is 18 weeks.

Im dying to get to work... any work (ok well not a garbage man or anything) but even temping would be an improvement. I am becoming far far to attached the watching M*A*S*H, The Waltons and Murder She Wrote!

Anyway heres your daily dose of pictures, as you can see I went with a Graduation theme today. Enjoy.

Mum, Me, Jarrod and Kyle having drinks in the Octagon .
I just Lurveee the pink hood Jarrod :P

Me, The grumpy one and Mum in Dunedin, NZ

Why oh why do I always shut my eyes in a photo!!!
I know no one believes me but its not on purpose!
(you can click on the photos to get a closer look)

317 days to go!


Trish said...

great photos again....
how interesting to hear the fingerprint facts.
Do you remember that photo of me with the rose in my mouth? this one one your page reminds me of it..starts with
waitangi day today..john keys got shoved..oh NZ such a great place to live.....

Chanelle said...

OK I'm seriously banning you making degrading comments on your self anymore on my blog Mum. If you do it to yourself again, I'm just going to delete them.