Monday, March 16, 2009

Full of win!


I just played in my first Poker tournament. It was held at Feeney's house (I have photos of them on the blog).

I drank my first two drinks WAY too fast and was barely awake at the table (why does alcohol put me to sleep!!??) and fumbled my way through. There were 16 of us to start! I have never played poker before tonight except for a quick run down last night with Kyle.

I was told at one point to go downstairs to the winners table! YAY winners table.

There were 7 of us and I apparently beat out 3 of them. When we were down to four I was far more sober again an asked to leave the game. Your not allowed to do that so I went all in(that means you bet ALL of your chips) and kept winning which was not only annoying for me but for the others as well!

So I came 4th and got to go back up stairs and join the party. I figured at that stage the other three people playing were all very serious about poker and I wouldn't stand a chance and could either bow out as quickly as possible or face a slow death. I choose to make it as quick and painless as I could and stop wasting their time!

Besides there was the most awesomest cake ever! Some had made Feeney a TANK cake!!!!

I had a lot of fun though, I want to play poker again!!!!

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