Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasures


Do you have a guilty pleasure, something that you LOVE to do but would die of embarrassment if anyone else ever knew.

I have heaps of them, but unlike most I don't feel ashamed (have I ever?) about my tacky or crappy taste. I relish in the fact I love stuff that would make most stuff cringe.

I have horrified people on a regular basis with my taste,

I love eating veges straight from the can (beetroot or green beans) or straight cottage cheese from the pottle. They are both YUM, quick and easy!

I love 80's music. No one will ever convince me that MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice ever made a bad song Ice Ice Baby!!!

I love C grade movies, especially the made for TV ones, maybe that's why I love watching the Office (which isn't crap its Brilliant!!) because I love stuff that makes me cringe! Its like watching a train wreck, your horrified but you cant quite bring yourself to look away!

I love bad literature to. Now I've never been a trashy romance novel girl but I do LOVE badly written teen novels and who done its (and believe me there is some seriously CRAPPY mystery writers out there!), don't believe me? read (or try to) the gourmet detective series. Its based on a chef who seeks out rare ingredients and happens to solve murder mysteries on the side... gag.

Twilight is my fav guilty pleasure right now. The writing is terrible, the books are so badly written they make me gag so I can not wait to see what the movie is like. There are a few VERY funny reviews of the books online this one had me on the floor laughing until I cried, sadly because its so very accurate (theres a little bit of language in that one though).

I just cant help myself though! I know its bad for me, but smokers know smoking is bad and they still do it!

The 14 year old girl who saw Titanic 14 times is SCREAMING with excitement

The DVD comes out on the 21st March, I'll be the first in line at blockbuster to rent it, along with the tween set I suppose... ah well. If I can BE a teenager anymore I can sure as hell act like one! Oh Edward your sooooooo handsome!

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