Monday, April 27, 2009

Late breaking news!

Still waiting on the 10K run photos the websites having problems apparently

Just received a call from the Lawyer, they FINALLY received my police check and its clear WOOHOO! Not even so much of a parking ticket thank you very much!

On to the medical check now, pray for me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Uma Rapiti Uma Rapiti Uma Uma Uma

So Kyle and I went down to Vancouver with some friends last weekend and ran in the Vancouver Sun Run (sponsored by the news paper the Vancouver Sun).

My official time 1:57:05

My official placing 39268 out of 50,000 to 55,000 people no one seems to have the official count.

Now despite buying a disposable camera specifically for the race, neither Kyle nor I remembered it on the actual race day. Brilliant of us!

So here are some photos from the Vancouver Sun's website. If you look hard enough Im sure you can see me in one of the crowd shots!

Look see I'm one of those tiny little blips at the back!

Here's a couple more

Edited to add- and by a couple apparently I mean ONE hahaha

The most of the ironic part of the race was there were two very short hills and everyone slowed down on those but I speed up, I guess going to a university for 3 years up a very steep hill and having my bus stop being across a valley on a second very steep hill must have prepared me? Well that and perhaps the 12 years of ballet?

You CAN get a photo of yourself crossing the finish line, once I figure out how to get it and see how bad I look I might just put it up on here.

It was all very fun! We are definitely going next year, there's another 10k in Kamloops tomorrow.

The other good thing about our trip (other than our company who were very fun! Props to Matt and Steph) was getting out to explore just where in Vancouver we want to live. We have it narrowed down to Maple Ridge, Abbostford or Mission.

Maple Ridge is the edge between completely rural and the city, kiwis think of Albany 15 years ago or Greenhithe now, Canadians think Maple Ridge? Look one way and theres a mall, main drag, and surburban style houses. Look the other way and there is farm land and a river and surround them both with BEAUTIFUL mountains!

Heres a picture I took just as you get into Maple Ridge, its overlooking the lougheed highway from a big megastore mall to the more inland rural area that is part of north Maple Ridge.

See what I mean, behind us is a mega strip mall with stores the sizes of small cities and ahead of us is beatiful and rural landscape (thats beyond the golfcourse of course).

Somewhere between civilisation and "the sticks" is where Kyle and I eventually want to settle.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tick tock tick tock

Nope I still don't have anything back from the lawyer. I appreciate everyone asking Kyle and I if we have anything back but we don't.

Yep it has been ages, and yep it seems as if it's taking forever, thank you for asking.

I promise that the very SECOND we hear something we will tell you, we will tell ALL of you. I am checking the mail every single day at 11am.

Just to explain here is what we are waiting for. Its easyier than repeating myself 100 times in person or on the phone.

1. My renewed visitors permit (that allowes me to stay in Canada until we get an answer)
2. My police checks from Canada and New Zealand.
3. Once we get those I have to go for a medical in Kelowna. We can't just get the medical over and done with now because the immigration wants a "fresh date" on it.

The police checks are due back any day now.

4. When we have both the medical check back (and I'm declared healthy) and the police checks then we can send in the actual application.
5. Then we wait 12 weeks for a "letter of acknowledgement" or LOA
6. When we get that letter we can send off for an "open work permit" which allows me to work in any job (except elderly and childcare) until we recieve an answer from immigration.

7. After we recieve the LOA we then have to wait 6-18 months for a decision from Immigration Canada. The fastests the lawyer has ever had an answer is 6 months, the longests it 12 months so we are hoping to be in the middle.

8. We could be called in for an interview (worst case senario) not that we don't have an authentic relationship, but apprently they are TOUGH. An interview is typically a bad sign because it means they want to "check you out" so interview really means interrigation.

All this will take a while. So lets not get ahead of ourselves. I only have to do this once (thank heavens!) and as Kyle and I have no control over the speed at which this all happens we are just trying to forget about it until we can make some kind of progress. We are trying to not make it the central issue of our lives.

I'm trying to keep busy, we did just a 10k fun run with friends Stephanie and Matt last weekend. It was very fun. Kyle and I want to do at least two more this summer (update on the fun run coming tomorrow).

I'm still involved with the players, Kyle and I did some scenery painting two weekends ago (flats and doors and a trellis that took three of us almost an hour! Tonight I'm signed up for Front of house for the current play and we are going to see it Saturday.

I am getting my resume ready for (were hoping september/october) at which time we will be renting out the apartment and moving to Vancouver (YAY!!!!!).

Hope you all are well... you can comment you know... I don't bite... hint hint!!