Thursday, May 7, 2009



Family for me, has never had anything to do with who you are related to by blood or through marriage. My family are not necessarily my blood relations, in fact most of my blood relations can go pound sand for all I care.

My family and I am lucky to have them are people like these two cheeky buggars below.

This is Rochelle and Christopher Davies, and they have been just like my little brother and sister since the day they were born. I held them when they were babies, stayed at their home and their Mum and Dad (Heather and Neil) helped raise me. They are pictured below.

Are they related to me, nope. Are they my family, yes and some of the dearest I have.

The following photos are of the other family that I have known either my entire life or as close to it as I can remember. These are the people that shaped me, moulded me into the people I am today. These are the people I looked to for an example, they are my family blood relatives or no.

These are people who have supported me through my trials and celebrated my blessings. I do not have photos of all of them of course (so if you are not pictured it doesn't mean you are excluded), nor can I fully express what they mean to me without writing for hours. They know I love and respect them and pray that their lives will be happy.

Here is my Mother and Viv at my Mums 50th.
I credit Viv with my cooking skill (except for Mums chop suey
and salad dressing). I spent years in her kitchen every
Wednesday learning to cook. I can have a roast dinner
done faster than anyone I know now (except her).
Colin her husband has also always been there for me, both him
and Neil have offered me a wonderful example of how a
loving family man should be.

Here is Mandy who is also very close to my brother.
Mandy has been up at 5am countless times to welcome me
back to NZ and I have seen more movies with her than with
anyone else.

Your family is not just who shares your bloodlines, they are the people whom you hold closest in the world. I only have two people in my life that share my blood, but I have many family members.

I have learnt who my real family and friends are since moving half way around the world. It can be an agonising lesson to know that some who you care deeply for can forget or dismiss you so easily, but I can take heart in knowing that so many still include me in their lives. The people who are special in my life make me so much luckier than most.


viv said...

what about the custard ?
Mum and i have just had a nice sushi lunch together and had a few laughs.
Its good to read your blog I must keep reading this so that I know what you are up to.
Colin is ok he is enjoying a spell of retirement for now.
I have a job every day doing after school care at Paremoremo School
with about 5 children I do nice afternoon teas for them macaroni cheese and muffins sometimes but they are a bit naughty and I have to remind them to say please and thankyou.
Congratulations on completing the 10 km run im very impressed.
Keep going with your cooking Itaught you well.
Look after yourself and take care
Love Viv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chanelle said...

I think I ate more custard than I learnt how to cook Viv... gallons of it YUM custard!

Trish said...

hi Chanelle
It was good talking to you today Im making chop suey later in the week
when wil you get the pic of you in the 10k run posted on here?

heather said...

hi chanelle!
thanks for your really cool blog!
I got a big lump in my throat!
your mum and i are having a hot chocolate! yum!
it was suppose to be milo
your mum has disappeared it!
it reminds me of all the yummy milos we have shared
by the way
i think your tooth is still at ellangowan road!
Congrats on your huge 10k run
we are so proud of you.
god bless
I got a big lump in my throat
luv from auntie heatherxxxxxxxxx