Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just stopping in really...


Kamloops has grown on me a bit this time. I don't know if it is because I am more used to the weather now (freezing cold in winter and blistering hot in summer) or perhaps its because I know we are moving to Vancouver soon? Either way, Kyle and I are trying to get the most out of being here before we take off.

Now Kamloops has two rivers (the North Thompson South Thompson) running through it, they form a big Y shape in town and then join up and flow down through BC to the ocean. The river freezes over in winter and rises and falls in early spring/summer. When the river falls, it creates a big sandy bank. Now the locals here insist that it is a beach (a beach my foot!) but even so it is very nice and we have taken to walking along the banks while we can.

As the snow from winter melts it runs in to the river and the water rises but there is about 6 weeks when you have nice warm weather and a big "beach" to walk on. Here are some pictures. of the North Thompson and then the rivers after they have joined up to form the Thompson river. Sorry about the second rivers camera quality, I thought my old camera could take video on an SD card and I was mistaken so I took photos instead!

The Thompson River from the North Shore looking
over towards the city. The big building you can see
is the university dorms

The dry river bed that loops around McArthur Island Park,
this will fill with water as the river rises until its all of the
grass you can see is covered

The North Thompson looking out to Westsyde and
over to the Reservation. This is the "beach" beside
river. Many people take their dogs down here to let them
run while the bank is still uncovered.

The North Thompson looking over to the rest of Kamloops
From this point you can see the down town area, Sahali and

I like the river because it is the only lush area in Kamloops. The surrounding areas are almost totally brown and dusty 90% of the year unless they are covered in snow. If you look at the mountains you can see dark coloured pine and the hills are covered in sage brush and/or rocks. When ever we go down to Vancouver I feel so much more at home because of the green everywhere. My eyes burn, here a lot because of the intense glare and stark colours. My sunglasses are practically glued to me even in winter. If I don't I get some really intense headaches. We have been spending almost every night walking to McArthur park because its a little island cut out from the river and is covered in nice lush trees and grass.

Maybe I struggle with it so much because it is completely foreign landscape. When you grow up around scenery like this...

you get a little spoiled? Well Kyle finds it beautiful here anyway and thats the most important thing.

I like that we are finding areas like this now so that when we can come back to visit we have nice places to go. Anyway thats my favourite part of Kamloops captured for you from me. I hoped you enjoyed.



Kyle said...

This weekend want to hike up that hill i've been wanting to go up for like, 3 years now?!?

amyinbc said...

I live in Chilliwack an hour or so outside of Vancouver. Lived in Vancouver for some time, busy, exciting place!

But not too far from smallish quieter communities like mine!

oh sign..ure right said...

so are you right or are your right......... I spy with my smartarse eye