Sunday, May 24, 2009

No surprise yet...


Kyle and I were going to work on the surprise today but I'm not feeling very well. We will be postponing everything until after my medical on Friday.

I need to concentrate on that more than anything else.
Your prayers and thoughts for me passing it would be very much appreciated.

Ciao for now



Trish said...

I love the playlist..
you are so cleaver

Neil said...

Hi Nellie. Lovely sentiments & pics (R & C anyway. I look like I'm sleepwalking/talking! Ha ha.) I really must make Heather more computer literate so she can keep up with your news. Congrats on doing the Sun Run - we are really impressed! I'd be lucky to walk that far with my wonky hip. Oh dear.... to be young and fit.
Hope your application finally gets rubber stamped. Good luck.
You & Kyle take care.
Love, Neil & the gang.