Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And finally the moment we all have been waiting for...

This post is 4 days late, my apologies. I passed my medical YAYYYYYYY! Now I have been through what happens next many times before so I wont again but we are finally moving forward at a somewhat steady pace. Well that and I don't have cancer, TB and all the other diseases that are considered "drains on the Canadian Health System". Go me!

Kyle and I are crossing our fingers that the 12 week wait is a worst case scenario *fingers crossed*
I had my first two nights in months without horrible nightmares over the weekend. The worst nightmare was that I had contracted AIDS... thats right. I woke Kyle up at 5am fully believing that I was going to die. Good morning to him huh!

Now we are in full steam ahead mode, packing up the house, getting it ready to rent out, looking for temping agencies/apartments to move to. I can not wait to start working again WOHOO!!!

Kyle and I can now resume working on our surprise....

Thoughts and prayers for Kyle's Mother Pam please, she is having surgery this Friday and will take a couple of months to recover (at least).

Also thoughts and prayers for my own Mother as well as her department undergoes a "restructuring".
Have a good week everyone :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not again!

I just called the doctors office, STILL no answer on my medical results. They are still waiting for some blood work to come back and that should be "sometime this week".

*Tears hair out in frustration*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FYI New Layout

As I have introduced a few new features to the blog, (more to come!) I needed a new wider layout.
Now you can actually use the play list if you so choose and everything isn't quite so squished.
I'm still playing with the colour scheme.

The puzzle that Nellies built

A few years ago, Kyle (I think) brought me a Marilyn Monroe puzzle. I attempted it a couple of times but gave up long before I made any progress.

Well it has been staring at me, taunting me for the last few months because I have never finished it... until now. Needing something to occupy my time and stop be from going insane with worry about immigration, three weeks ago I started it.

THREE WEEKS you say......thats a bloody long time to finish a 1000 piece puzzle!

Well let me explain why, firstly it was in black and white so I had no colour to help guide me and secondly it was a photo mosaic image made up of thousands of little tiny pictures. Not only that but the pictures repeated over and over and over in dozens of different combinations.

Here is the puzzle in stages, I took photos every couple of hundred pieces. You can slowly see the piece emerging. Many times Kyle would hear me shout "THIS PIECE JUST DOES NOT EXIST!!!", because with every single piece I had to look over every single left over piece. So I estimate I have looked at every piece of that puzzle an average of 500 times. After about 100 pieces, I clued in that I could cut that in half by arranging the pieces according to the left side of the puzzle. You can see two separate groups of pieces, the left side either has an innie or an outie. After I separated them it seriously cut down on my threats to burn the puzzle or throw it from the balcony while shreaking with glee.

It was very odd to back up and see her face slowly coming into view, I was working so close up on a piece by piece basis. It was climbing the mount everest of puzzles.

My goal was to finish off the puzzle before we left for Kelowna for the medical, I got this far. It was a real help though, to have an hour or two of epic battle with a puzzle instead of thinking about some strange doctor poking and prodding me.

Here is the final puzzle done, on the right is the cheat sheet, a miniture version of the puzzle that if you stick it right up close to your eye means you can see the piece you are trying to find on there before searching for the piece. That saved me at least 5 hours, actually it most likely saved the puzzle from a henious death as I would have destroyed it at times. As it were I took me about 20 hours in total to do the puzzle.

I'm going to frame the puzzle now and never ever ever ever ever have to assemble it again.

I should have a pass or fail from the doctor by Friday. He said as far as he could tell I was a healthy person so as long as nothing comes back on the blood tests or x-ray I should be fine.