Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And finally the moment we all have been waiting for...


This post is 4 days late, my apologies. I passed my medical YAYYYYYYY! Now I have been through what happens next many times before so I wont again but we are finally moving forward at a somewhat steady pace. Well that and I don't have cancer, TB and all the other diseases that are considered "drains on the Canadian Health System". Go me!

Kyle and I are crossing our fingers that the 12 week wait is a worst case scenario *fingers crossed*
I had my first two nights in months without horrible nightmares over the weekend. The worst nightmare was that I had contracted AIDS... thats right. I woke Kyle up at 5am fully believing that I was going to die. Good morning to him huh!

Now we are in full steam ahead mode, packing up the house, getting it ready to rent out, looking for temping agencies/apartments to move to. I can not wait to start working again WOHOO!!!

Kyle and I can now resume working on our surprise....

Thoughts and prayers for Kyle's Mother Pam please, she is having surgery this Friday and will take a couple of months to recover (at least).

Also thoughts and prayers for my own Mother as well as her department undergoes a "restructuring".
Have a good week everyone :)

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trish said...

get well wishes to Pam Im thinking of all of you.
Those are two cute little puppies on your blog...today s fine and sunny....love mum