Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving Day


Kyle and I will be located in Vancouver from September first.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem... excuse me!

We will be living in the GVR or Greater Vancouver Region in a place called Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge info here

MR is located in the north-eastern section of Vancouver and has a population of approximately 68,949. (thanks wiki)

As you can see its beautiful (BRAG!!!)
It has a really nice rural feel but it has a nice little city centre with a mall. It also has a commuter train to down town Van if I end up working down there.

We are staying in a ground floor suite (flat) 2 bedroom, fire place, dishwasher (thank god) and nice big soaker tub. We also finally get some outdoor space. Because it is not a basement we also have LOTS of light in the flat.

This is a photo taken of Dewdney Road about 1km from our house to give you an idea of how rural it is. However we are living in a little carved out circle of houses that look like this ...

So we are still living like civilised people. There will be no goats in the backyard and no chickens. I havn't gone completely nuts. Yes Kyle and I do realise it is ironic that we are moving to a city of over a million people and yet somehow ended up in the wopwops. There are reasons for it, valid reasons to!

Anyway I will post again when we have internet set up in the new place and we have sorted the 1165937 other things on the do - to list out. One thing I have realised packing I have a truly astonishing amount of clothes, its staggering! And I have more stored at home in NZ!!!

PS. No news from immigration. YES I realise thats annoying, NO we can not ring up the immigration department and tell them to hurry it up. NO I can't ask my lawyer why its taking so long. No I am still not legally allowed to work. YES I'm sure they are taking their sweet arse time about it. Kyle and I do not dictate the amount of time this is going to take. It could literally be OVER A YEAR until I get approval, this will not happen in the next few weeks. We are hoping I get my preliminary letter before chrismtas but we cant hurry that up. We both love and thank you for all of the support and interest. We are just letting you know that the timeline is utterly and completely out of our hands. We literally are at the mercy of the immigration.

If the rules around immigration sound idiotic, then talk to your locak MP about it, your preaching to the choir!

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Kyle said...

Yeah, defiantly nice in Maple ridge. Yeah being 20 minutes form work!!!